Application procedure Free Movers

Application procedure Free Movers


A student as a free mover can study at Witelon Collegium State University maximum two semesters.

  1. Foreign students applying to study as free movers at Witelon Collegium State University are obliged to send the following documents with original signatures:
    1. Incoming Student Application Form
    2. Learning Agreement for Studies – before the mobility
    3. Accommodation Form
    4. A confirmation letter from a foreign university about being a student at this university.
    5. Confirmation of English language knowledge at the minimum level B1 issued by a foreign university or language certificate.
    6. Passport and/or ID copy.
    7. 2 passport size photos (3,5x4,5 cm).

      till 31st May (if you are coming for winter semester)
      till 30th November (if you are coming for summer semester)

      Please send all documents by regular post to the following address:

      Collegium Witelona Uczelnia Państwowa
      Sekcja ds. Współpracy z Zagranicą
      ul. Sejmowa 5 C
      59 -220 Legnica
      Polska / Poland
  2. After the deadline for applying for the given semester and after receiving the required documents and their acceptance by the Deputy Rector for Science and Foreign Cooperation, the International Relations Office sends letters of acceptance to the students.
  3. Up to 60 days from receipt of the inviting letter, the student is obliged to make a transfer to the university account of the fee in the amount being the product of number of ECTS points and the amount for 1 ECTS point, and then send the confirmation of the transfer to an email address of the International Cooperation Office. The lack of a transfer within the prescribed period is synonymous with the resignation from studies. In the situation when the transfer has already been made and the student resigns, the university will refund 70% to the student's account.
  4. One week before coming to study at Witelon Collegium State University  the student is required to send a copy of the health insurance and a copy of visa (if needed) to the e-mail address of the International Relations Office.
  5. The incoming student has all the rights and obligations of the student of Witelon Collegium State University, with the exception of financial support entitlements. For the duration of the studies, students receive a student card and an examination card.
  6. The free mover student pays a fee for each ECTS point, the minimum required amount of ECTS points per semester is 20, the maximum 30. The fee for 1 ECTS is EUR 45.
  7. A free mover student does not bear any additional fees related to studying. Witelon Collegium State University  may charge fees related to issuing a student ID.