Application procedure Erasmus

Application procedure Erasmus


The deadline for Erasmus+ Programme Coordinator of the sending school to submit via e-mail an official note concerning the students to be sent to our university is:

15th May (winter semester) and 15th November (summer semester).
The note should be sent to the following e-mail address: and it should include the following information:
student’s name, surname, sex, date of birth, place of birth, address, e-mail address, information on the semester (summer, winter), academic year, and the number of months the student is going to study in Poland.

Till 31st May (winter semester) and 30th November (summer semester)
you should complete your online learning agreement here and send the following documents with original signatures by regular post, and also scans to our emails:
incoming student application form
accommodation form
- photocopy of your passport and/or ID
- passport-size photo (3,5 x 4,5 cm) in .jpg format
Upon reception of the above-mentioned documents, we will email you a letter of acceptance.

A month prior to the student’s departure we should be sent the following:
- photocopy of the student’s visa (if applicable)

Please send all documents by regular post to the following address:
Collegium Witelona Uczelnia Państwowa
Sekcja ds. Współpracy z Zagranicą
ul. Sejmowa 5 C
59 -220 Legnica
Polska / Poland